Top Gear drifts GTO/VXR

I love the British automotive show Top Gear. Crazy Brits testing the limits of super cars, regular cars and reasonably priced cars and then talking smack about them. In this clip they test a Vauxhaul VXZ (pretty much the same thing as a Pontiac GTO in the US) and then hand it over to Japanese drifting experts to do their worst. If you love this clip there are many more fun Top Gear clips on Google Video. Thanks to the almighty Beeb for producing this fantastic series.

If you are viewing this in a feed reader then click here for a link to see the Top Gear VXR test video.

If you are wondering how to embed clips like this in your blog, on the side of most Google Video clips there is a ‘Put on site’ link that will allow you to grab a snippet of code to put on your blog. Very slick.