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Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Dentistry: created by the Devil? I think so

Dude if you have not seen your dentist in the last six months, run do not walk to the your dentists office and avoid the evils of tooth decay. OH MY GOD I had the worst tooth pain, the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life, last weekend. Thanks to Jas I got some lovely codeine and was able to sleep through the pain...until Monday. I went to a fabulous dentist who numbed the hell out of my tooth before drilling and removing the badness that ailed me. Now I have this weird paste stuff on my tooth. Upon leaving that office, realizing that the visit was not all that traumatizing, I considered suing my parents for sending me to the devil AKA Dr. Drill. I believe some of you will know who I am talking about. The man literally ripped some of my baby teeth out of my head and then had the nerve to tell me that it did not hurt. Well thankfully I am safe from the devil, he has since retired.

I am back to normal and back to work. The cutest kids in the world greet me with hugs and smiles each day. My classroom looks like a bomb may have exploded there, but I did not get to set it off. Hopefully it will all return to normal before the first real day of school.

The greatest part of my job is watching little people go through life experiences for the first time. Today one of my favorite students, Cassian (who is three) was laughing because he realized that even I have parents. He said crinkling his little nose "You don't have a Mom, you're Miss Allison". Damn I love kids.

I will apologize in advance for the number of times that I will refer to my class in this log, but kids are amazing and frankly pretty funny, so there is always some material to share.

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

Jason stole my entry
Dude I am embarassed to report that I did watch Survivor. Man I hate that Rich guy. I will have to be a better citizen next season and resist the temptation to watch the Australian version of the game. I pledge that I will not be the typical American viewer. I will not be swayed by the hype...again. People (and by people I mean Jason and I) are all upset that the guy who was cunning and dishonest walked away with the dough. But guess what the game is about being dishonest and cunning. I will not watch the show again because probably some other jack hole will win!! I think we should vote that show off the island!

hello world
So here I am, my first entry. Oh the pressure to live up to the humor of my husband and brothers! I really do not know what I am doing out here in the blogger world, but I think a girl on the scene will be fun... I guess you'll see. Right now I am staring down the tunnel of the end of my vacation, only five days left. I am bored, but the thought of the beginning of yet another school year is a bit daunting. I know all of you regular working folk will feel very sorry for me, returning to work after months of vacation. But you can all just remember the hefty paychecks you receive and then you can laugh maniacally as you recall the pay of a young teacher in CA. to bed.