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Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Two Throw-Ups and a Biting incident: A Halloween Tale
Ok so I got a big slap in the face today, on this feast of all Hallows Eve. I barely made it through the day as the darling little goblins known as my students EXPLODED with excitement. The day brought quite terror to this pre-school teacher. Two children really did explode with vomit. I couldn't tell you where it came from, because they really didn't each much candy. And then there was the biting...yeah that was bad. Poor little 'adult balls' Bakari got attacked. OH MY GOD what a day. So this is my reflection....My life has changed...alot

Just a few short years ago (ok 5 years, but it seems like a short time to me) I was not living through Halloween, I was living it up. It was my senior year of college, and I was living with 5 other girls. We all decided that we would do a costume together...What else could six college buddies be but a six pack of beer! It was so much fun. We packed ourselves into a borrowed van and headed for the Castro in the city. Now, I feel as young now as I did then, but guess what? Tonight I could not gather the strength to get my butt into a costume, let alone get myself out of the house. HOW SAD. Tonight my sister is in the Castro and I am in Castro Valley Oh man, getting old is so weird. It is not a bad thing, but it is strange to think how life can change. Just a reflection.

Thursday, October 12, 2000

Your children should go to Northern Light School

So last week Jason and I had the opportunity to see Jane Goodall speak at Zellerbach hall in Berkeley. She spoke about hope for the future. It was very refreshing to listen to an environmentalist who actually made you feel like you could do something to help the planet. She was so genuine and humble. She is such an example of how one person can really have an amazing impact on the world. I know that is such the idealist's cliche, but if you are an idealist then you know it to be true. Margaret Mead said it, and this is by far one of my favorite quotes:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it's the only thing that ever has".

I left there feeling that our life is a real gift. What you choose to do with that gift is really up to you. What an amazing thing. A gift. Just because. Those are the best kind of gifts to receive.

So why should your children attend Northern Light? The next day Jane Goodall came to school and hung out with us. She sat in morning circle and sang songs that were written by one of our students. She asked us to do our part in helping our community, both for the good of the people and for animals. It was so surreal to be sitting in the same room with a woman whom I had only seen in documentaries and on National Geographic. I think it is so amazing that the children at my school had that experience and furthermore that it will not be unique for them to meet amazing people who have indeed changed the world we all live in, for the better.

Uh, by the by, have you been watching the debates?... Yeah, my advice stands... vote Nader!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2000

Adult Balls?! Shame on the Preschool Teacher

The other day I had the greatest conversation with one of my students, Bakari. He came up to me and ..well this is how it went:

B: Hey Miss Allison isn't it weird how there are balls that you play with like basketballs and then there are other kinds of balls like adult balls?
A: Uh what are you talking about Bakari?
B: You know there are the balls you play with and then there are adult balls.
A: (growing more concerned) Bakari did you have a conversation with somebody about this, what are you talking about?
B: Oh forget it, I guess you didn't see Cinderella otherwise you would know what I was talking about!
A: OHHHHHHH! Yes you are right there are dances for adults called Balls!

Oh My God! That kid is so funny. Now before I go to sleep at night I pray that later in life when Bakari does learn about what I was thinking he will not remember our conversation and realize what a dirty minded preschool teacher he had at the age of four. Oh man that was a close one!