/ allison

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Blue angel
I wish I could say that I have been away on some amazing trip where I had no access to a computer, but no. Like many journals, I took a long hiatus. I have returned and this time I am not alone...that's right I've got a little peanut who has already changed my life in ways I could not have expected.

For example apparently I have, that is the baby has, a blue angel. A what? Right that is exactly what I said the first time I heard that phrase. I am a religious person, but I must admit that I cringe just a bit when I hear "angel stories", you know what I mean. But this story has taught me that I should not be so quick to cringe. It is totally ok if you think this is kind of is, but as a mother-to-be in this really weird time I am happy and relieved to know that there is God and God has apparently blessed me and the peanut with a blue angle. OK,enough, here is the story...

Last year, the teacher I work with was expecting her first child. This happened early in her pregnancy, so she was not showing. No one except myself and one director even knew that a baby was on the way. One afternoon we were walking across the playground and a former student walked up to her put his hands on her belly and asked her when her baby was coming. We were both stunned. We retold the story to a director of the school, who calmly replied 'Oh he must have seen your blue angel'. She went on to explain that there were some cultures who believed that when a child is conceived a blue angel is sent to watch over and cradle the baby in the womb. The angel's presence gives off this aura...a glow that some believe children can see. This blue angel is then replaced by the guardian angel when the child is born.

My director recommended that we ask the kids in our class,who were all four,to draw a picture of my co-worker. Sure enough eleven children drew pictures and all of them had made lights, rainbows and some even drew "helpers" outside and surrounding the picture of this teacher. We of course never discussed the angel's with the children, but we were both totally amazed. OK so last week a child in my class walks up to me with a picture of me. Check it out for yourself.

She told me that it was a picture of me and pointed to the BLUE figure and said "This is for your baby". I saw her drawing this picture and she specifically was looking for the blue marker when she made the floating figure. I do not know what to make of this. I do think it is really cool. And I know from having worked with children for quite some time, that they see things that we simply can not.

So who am I to deny this amazing being? Right now there is a child in my womb,who I can feel kicking, for crying out loud. Miracles abound! I hope the baby is being protected by an angel.