/ allison

Thursday, March 27, 2003

What is wrong with you People?!

So today I am at the supermarket... OH MAN... This particular market has quite a few disabled people working as courtesy clerks. It has been my weekly experience that these individuals work very hard and are always attentive to my needs and very sweet to my son. They even remember us from week to week and ask how we are doing and so forth. ( A quality you tend not to find in many service oriented jobs I might add, but I digress) I am happy that these men and women are given the right to work and take responsibility for themselves.

So today this, I am sorry I have to say it, JACKA**, of an employee is completely rude with a clerk who needed a "price check". I was so upset I almost started to cry, right there next to the chicken breasts. I made eye contact with the rude dude, you know the look the "I JUST SAW WHAT YOU DID AND YOU ARE HORRIBLE" kind of look, you know what I mean...

LATER the parking lot an older couple were getting into their car next to me and as they are about to back out this other JACKA** jumps out of his turquoise, oil sucking , SUV and yells, HEY DID YOU JUST HIT MY CAR?! I saw the old man jump and politely answer him, "No, I don't think so..." Luckily it ended there, but what is with all the animosity?

Which brings me back to my original question.... WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? What is the point of picking on the elderly and the disabled? I have no tolerance for this sort of aggression. There is no reason to dismiss another human being, never, not on a bad day, not EVER!

Ghandi said you have to become the change that you would like see in the world... So I later called and reported what I had seen. I am sure this will come to someone receiving a memo or something else really effective. But perhaps something will change...I get an E for effort anyway, right?!