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Friday, April 11, 2003

April 11...already?!

I CAN NOT believe that my little snuggle bunny is turning one year old today. This has been the most amazing year of my life. Drew is so sweet and I must say very smart. He is walking, laughing, clapping, pants like a dog every time he sees one... it is so fun to see the little nuances that are just Drew . My brother and sister in law just welcomed their beautiful daughter, Emma Rose into the world. Their new found excitement and fatigue remind me so clearly of how I felt when Drew was born. Excited, tired, overwhelmed, and most of all BLESSED. Parenthood has changed me indeed. Happy Birthday Peanut!

In other news...
I miss the kids at Northern Light. I was at the park the other day and I overheard some kids talking to one another. They were using horrible language ( and not just cuss words), teasing one another shamelessly. It was awful. Their adult was right nearby and did not even flinch. Drew LOVES big kids. He loves to watch them play and run and I know he is listening to what they say. SO we moved to the other play structure.

All I keep thinking is that did not happen at Northern Light...and if it did, the adult in charge acted like one and put a stop to it. I simply do not accept that kids are mean. Working at Northern Light taught me that given the love and attention they NEED children are amazing beautiful people...If any of you are out there reading this I miss you all and I intend to bring Drew to you he can "dance in the light of a rainbow day".