/ allison

Friday, May 09, 2003

Why was I up at Midnight watching MSNBC?

I do not know. But it may have been fate.. because now I have something to blog about. OK there I am waiting to feel sleepy and I flip to cable news where they are discussing some fools in Florida who had imitated a jackass stunt. The idiots jumped from a five story building into a pool and one of them misses the pool and shatters both legs.. At least it was caught on tape. So the reporter brings on a child psychiatrist to discuss and I SWEAR here is what they said:

Reporter: Well Doctor do you think it is harmful exploitation for the media to continually show footage of these youngsters performing these
dangerous stunts?

Doctor: Yes I do Bob, and I will tell you why...

At that same moment the network cut back to the video footage and continued to play it the ENTIRE time the guy way saying that they SHOULD NOT DO SO!!! I just love the "media". Especially when they talk about themselves in that third person, removed, we are a separate entity kind of way. No more late night news for me.