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Friday, April 09, 2004

...Is my new favorite exclamation that Drew now makes as his birthday approaches in just two days. He proudly holds up both of his index fingers because it is currently too frustrating to hold up two fingers on one hand. He goes around the house periodically singing his version of the birthday song which comes out "happy to you", sang four times in a row. Could he be any more precious?

I am totally unaware of how I became the mother of a two year old boy. It has happened so fast, too fast. I was watching him play today, and I am, as ever, completely in awe of him. He is all of a sudden a BOY! A boy who knows the names of all construction trucks, who sleeps in a bed, not a crib! A boy who tonight watched The Sandlot in total amazement! How did he become this independent talking, peeing in the toilet, person?!

I look at him and I can still see the infant in him. I can still see what he looked like the day he was born. Obviously at only two years old, this is not too difficult a task, but I often wonder if I will always be able to see that look in his precious face. That must be why mothers always cry when a child moves away or gets married; because it is possible to look at your child, at any point in their lives and still go right back to that one crazy moment when your child made you into a mommy.

Happy to you Drew! I love you!

Allison and Drew looking at Otto - the (former) family fish


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