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Thursday, December 09, 2004

More Drew Stuff

Drew has been saying some funny and creative stuff lately. I have to write them down or they are sure to be forgotten.

During the election Drew often pointed out John Kerry on the television and let out an encouraging yell "whoohoo".

When the results came back in favor of not-my-favorite-person, we were watching John Kerry give his speech of defeat. Drew looked at the television and said :

John Kerry did it right.
I was really taken back by that and frankly I could not agree more.
The other night he looked at the half moon poking out of the sky and said:
Mommy, Daddy the moon is a piece of watermelon
I have heard the moon described as a lot different foods in my life...cheese, a big pizza pie, but never watermelon. And you know what, Drew was right, the moon did indeed look like a piece of watermelon.

The next morning he pulled out his doctor box and yelled from his room:
Mommy, Daddy I am going to be Doctor Seuss.
He sings jingle bells from the back seat of the car, every day and is so excited for Santa to come he is not sure what to do with himself. He even sat on Santa's lap, bravely asking for trains and cars.

It is these little things each day that remind me what a precious person he is. I can see already that he is just a good soul, in my opinion an old soul. I know, my eyes and heart are partial, but I feel blessed to have been chosen to be his mother.


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