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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


That is the sound most often uttered in my home these days. Drew, now three years old, is really sowing his oats and can often be heard yelling NOOOO at us for any number of reasons. Miles, at five months, is a very happy and mellow guy but he is still a baby and he has his own moments where he simple needs to be held or else AHHHHH.

I myself utter my own screams, silently in my head of course, as I try to traverse the path of raising two boys. For example the other day Drew who is also beginning to use the toilet had not quite made it in time and pooped on the floor! Gross, but good effort. Drew was upset because there was poop every where. In my attempt to clean up the poop and calm Drew down a bit I had to lay Miles on the carpet who then rolled over and began to cry. Then the phone rang. AHHHHHH!

Most days, however are not like this. I have two very beautiful babies who are healthy and so far they love each other. Miles is already eating solid food and sleeping a good amount. He could not be any sweeter. Drew loves to make him laugh and just yesterday he stuck his own thumb into Miles' mouth to help him stop crying.

So although I have found this transition tough I would not change a thing. My new mantra is I am going to do the best that I can. Perfect is for weird Desperate House Wives characters.

I must confess though the other day somebody asked me if we were ready to have more babies...I just looked at them straight in the eyes and said: AHHHHHHH!


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wow....u've been bloggin for 5 years!!!


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