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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Baby Maddie

Last night we got to see Miss Madison Grace for the first time who was three days old and just as cute as can be. At just over six pounds she is just a sweet little pea! Jason and I were pretty emotional, seeing one of dearest friends holding her first baby.

I was thinking how amazing babies and their mommies are in those first few days. I , even after having lived through two experiences of my own, am still in awe of how life changes in an instant and in so many ways. Babies... You think you have nine months to prepare for something you have wanted your whole life, and then they are really here. For those first few days, life seems to stand still. It is just you and that little creature figuring out life's most basic tasks.

I tried to rush though those days, wanting to feel normal again, until I realized normal needed a new definition. Now it seems silly to me that I wanted to move so fast. I did not realize it then, but motherhood is just not that way. Today for example we made it to the park and I have done some laundry.... that will about do it!

Looking at my dear friend and her precious little one made me realize that I think I really am all done having my babies. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those first few days where the world is at a stand still. A day that I could just sit and stare at my boys and listen to their little coos. Amazing. I think I could never get enough. It is just a precious moment that passes too quickly. So I will savor the memories, I guess. Lucky for me, my friends and family are not done having babies so I may just get in a few more precious cuddles.


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