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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One day he will be embarrased by this, but I have to let it out...

Miles let out a little toot last night while getting dressed after bath time. He looked at me, smiled and pointing to his diaper said "hey Mom I burped in there". Hilarious.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I am troubled by a few of things lately.

First I am watching the View, regularly. Not the whole thing, just the 'hot topics', still I know, lame. During said topics Rosie O'Donnell debates issues with one Elisabeth Hasselback. I get crazy watching the two of them. I have been known to talk to the television(yes, while folding laundry, so! ). What troubles me is how a young, college educated, mother of one and one on the way, can defend the acts of this president. I mean what is wrong with her? She defends Mr. Bush like he is a member of her family and we Americans should not have any ill opinions about her crazy uncle or something. She actually said in a time of war we should be more loyal to our president, because he is the president. Someone needs to hit that girl over the head with a swastika. Loyalty? To what exactly? I have had it with her. This is AMERICA. The greatest parts of American history are marked by our inability, as a people, to be loyal in times of moral crisis.

The real heart of this war is what troubles me the most. It seems to me that Ms. Hasselback and other 'loyalists' like her in this country, value American lives more than any other on Earth. Who is suffering in Iraq? Who suffers the most during all times of war? Mothers and children. Some 600,000 civilians in Iraq have been killed. I cringe at the thought of not being able to provide my children with clean water, food, security. And yet thousands of Iraqi people have lived without these basic needs for how long? This is where Hasselback's compassion as a mother should kick in. We mom's are all connected at the heart of our children. We would die for our babies. Iraqi mommies do not feel differently. Why is it OK with her if others suffer so she can continue to live her life uninterrupted? One life is not worth more than another. Period.

I know I should be troubled by the fact that this person bugs me as much as she does, but I find I cannot help myself. She is on television with a microphone and everything, living a privileged life and not asking herself the hard questions. What is this war for? Business. Who is running this war? Business men, filthy rich, lying to our faces, business men. They do not deserve our loyalty, when if anything, they have earned our disdain.

I have been troubled since the moment I heard our president announce the "War on Terror". I remember I scoffed. A war on terror? Someone get that guy a cape and tights. He could have a huge "I" shield across his chest, "I" for IDIOT. Can one rid the world of evil? Not so much. Certainly not with guns. With this president at the helm I feel less safe that I did four years ago. Taking our shoes off at the airport, packing 3ounces or less of any liquid the equivalent of buying bigger locks on your door in a crappy neighborhood. It does not make us more safe, he has worsened our place on this earth and our children's future on this Earth.

I am troubled by the fact that this administration uses fear to control us. Terrorists, terror cells... How dare he and his administration try to scare us, as if men with bombs are just lurking around every corner. Who do you think Iraqi children believe the terrorists to be? The other night I was watching the Daily Show and saw an American soldier fully armed throwing a ball with a child. Am I supposed to feel this image is endearing? Yeah I would love it if a guy covered in weapons wanted to throw a ball around with the boys.

Keep in mind that we are in fact raising the next generation of Iraqi children to also hate Americans. Are we going to rid the world of that evil too? I will not be sending my children to that war.

I am troubled that Rosie is leaving The View because I wonder who will challenge that crazy loyalist and others like her? I understand Hasselback is allowed her opinions, but I hope someone with equally passionate beliefs on the side of truth will also be seated at the table. I know I will probably stop watching the show, but just knowing she and others like her are out there makes me crazy. In my opinion 2008 is WAY too late. Impeachment anyone?

Finally I am troubled about the message that we are sending our kids, those underlying, never have to say out loud because they are so ingrained in our culture messages. War is not OK with me. Hatred is not OK with me. Lying is not OK with me. So why am I standing by as my president attempts erase all of the values I am trying so hard to instill in my children? Loyalty? I think NOT!