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Friday, June 15, 2007

The sound of my heart breaking right in half

So I love the Super Nanny, LOVE HER. We have just begun using the 'sleep technique' with Miles as he has been struggling to stay in his big boy bed and fall asleep all alone. He is doing pretty well. This is day two and it only took one hour for him to fall asleep at nap time. That is progress, considering since last night's first attempt took 2 hours. I have faith in you Super Nanny!

Today after his nap I congratulated him on falling asleep in his bed, "just like a big boy". He smiled, hugged me, looked up at me with his big brown eyes, then he said the following:

I said I love you and you went away.

When Jason comes home from work today, I think I will have him help me put my heart back into my chest! I said it before and I'll say it again, best and hardest job EVER!

Ah, Kids today

The other day at the book store, back by the bathrooms Drew saw a strange something, paused, stared a bit and said: "What is that thing for?". It was a pay phone. He quickly decided that it must be used for anyone who needs a taxi cab ride home.

I like that he knows what an iPhone can do but imagines the pay phone to be all but obsolete.