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Friday, October 31, 2008


I have not written in quite some time, but I usually tell my one reader, Jason, all of my thoughts anyway, so that I do not have to additionally blog it. But I have so much floating around in my head I have to get it out!

I have many bones to pick with my fellow Americans:

Former Hillary Supporters, turned into McCain Supporters:

You are at the top of my list. I find you the most ridiculous. A few questions: Do you know that the Republicans are the reason we are in this mess to begin with? Have you forgotten how important this election is? Do you realize that Sarah Palin, being a woman, is the only thing she has in common with Hillary Clinton? I thought we, with the support of Hillary, all agreed that which ever Democrat got pushed to the front, is the Democrat we would support. And now look at you, giving your support to a self proclaimed, lipstick-wearing pit bull. For shame!

I agree that Senator Clinton would have been a great Candidate, a historical Candidate, but let's get serious, this election is not about Hillary. It is not about getting a woman into the presidency or vice presidency. It is about US, all of us! Who says Hillary is done and will not have another chance to run for this office in the future. Have you thought of that? Well, have you? The Republicans are laughing at us, as once again we look like the party that can not unite itself!

If you think you are doing Hillary a solid by voting for McCain, let's look at a few key issues about which Hillary Clinton feels strongly: Do you care about "women's health"?- (as Mr McCain put it in air quotes) John McCain does not. Do you care about programs like Head Start? John McCain does not. Do you want the war to end? John McCain does not.

I would like you to ask yourself when you go to cast your vote, What would Hillary do?

Undecided Voters, I'm looking at you.

All I have to say to you is- WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, decide already and you better make it good!

In California if you have a "Yes on 8" sign on your lawn then you are up next-
I have never understood the argument against gay marriage. I hear people saying that it lessens the value of marriage. How so? I think the divorce rate in this country might lessen the value of marriage, but not more people wanting to be married. If anything it restores my hope that people want to be committed and stick together through thick and thin, and kids and mortgage payments... Whew it is a lot of work.

Now, if you and your other buddies want to outlaw this practice in your own church, go right ahead, no one is going to stop you. Your religion however is not going to rule our country, that's just a little thing in America we like to call the Separation of Church and State, heard of it? Yeah it protects all of us from freaky churches who want to impose their will on all people. It's kinda the reason we are all here and not Anglicans in jolly old England, Cheers!

Sarah Palin-

First of all thank God for Tina Fey for offering comic relief to this ridiculous situation.

Sarah Palin is a token. I was quoted on Twitter as having said she is so token you could take her to Chuck E Cheese and have a real good game of ski ball. Seriously, ladies, is this what the Republicans think they can offer us after having known the likes of Hillary Clinton? Are we supposed to think that this is another giant stop forward for women? I don't think so! Sarah Palin doesn't even know what she doesn't know. And then Ms Palin has the audacity to blame Katie Couric for her own not knowing! If McCain and his people were to speak honestly we would hear them explain the real reason Ms Palin was chosen was that she appeared to be a blank slate, one who could easily memorize McCain's platform and get in line. She's a social climber and most social climbers will sell their souls to get what they are really after, power.

With regards to women who will support Ms Palin for the shear fact that she is a woman I have this to say. I do not want just any woman in the White House, for that matter I do not want just any man in the White House, either. I want a person whose world view is filled with compassion and empathy. I want to see an individual who knows there is life outside of small towns, and there are good people in this country who may not even be Christian- GASP! I am glad to be an American (sometimes) but we are not a perfect nation. We do not exemplify the only way to live on this planet. The kind of enthnocentrism that Sarah Palin possess is thoughtless. She has proven to be both ignorant and fearless- a dangerous combination.

I am losing sleep over this election. I am alternately excited and hopeful, then depressed and fearful. I want us all to vote our conscience and given the guidelines above, I think we may well be on our way!

As for my pick for the president I like Barack Obama because he is a real person. He grew up in the United States as a regular person, with real struggles. As the son of a single mother, a minority in his own town as a child, his life could have taken many different turns. Barack chose to stay the course of the road to success, a choice that is difficult to make, even in far less challenging circumstances. These are the experiences that shape who a person is, forever. He will not forget the families who are struggling all across this country. Let's give our county a chance to heal, it's time to change! Now go VOTE for Barack Obama!

Whew, now I feel better.


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