Thirties you are on in five, four, three ...

There are just hours left to my twenties. I'm turning 30 tomorrow. T-h-i-r-t-y. three-oh. I'm protesting a bit about moving on past my twenties when in fact the original cast of 'Friends' are all pushing 45 or so. I had a great decade so I have no reason to suspect that my thirties won't be as much fun.

I had a longer post in mind but I think I'm just going to go enjoy the last of my twenties and have a drink with friends and family. Tomorrow I will usher in my thirties by going surfing. Now that I am an older man who needs to consider my familial responsibilities perhaps I'll bring shark repellent. I hope the camphone is water resistant.


Ev mentioned that Blogger is now 4 years old. Another Blogger b-day, is now a year old! Here are my photos from our trips to Brazil.

update: My lovely and beautiful wife Allison has pointed out that I was a year off on the dating of my photos as I have not just returned from Brazil a week ago. The dates have been corrected.

Like a steel trap

From Pancake City:
Hey, Kids - Don't bother visiting Heineken's web site if you are under 21. You'll never make it through their impenetrable security procedure.

Happy Birthday, Grant!

Grant is 22 today. When he was 5, he threw up on my brand new gray leather Reeboks (believe me they were cool at the time). I was pretty mad. Since then things have been pretty good and I have tried to put the Reebok incident behind us. Happy Birthday, brother.

Do the robot

For those left wondering where the goofball photos were taken on the wireless portion of the site, last night was the Google Dance. Every year in honor of the Search Engine Strategies show, Google hosts a party for show attendees. Last year the dance looked fun but this year I was there and thus more fun for me.


I've done a bit of tweaking to the blog today. I have shelved the photoblog and the 'On the Beatbox' features. Mostly due to the complaints of my co-worker Eric Case. He said he wasn't reading my 'On the Side' sidebar links because 'It was way too far down the page, man.' The sidebar is probably the most oft updated portion of the site, I would hate to think it wasn't getting valuable eyeball time.. especially by Eric.

In the spot where you would have normally seen hi-res photos gracefully scaled down for your viewing pleasure, you will now see grainy action shots from my current SprintPCS cam phone. Coming soon, instructions on how you can do the same.

I also rolled the site coolers back to the spring blue I was using... blah, blah, blah - I can't believe you read this far! Anyway, I'm sure the beatbox and photoblog will be back soon. I can feel it.

Latin Weapon 5

From - Gibson's film 'Passion' inflames tempers - Aug. 13, 2003:
'Gibson, a devout follower of a Roman Catholic splinter group that believes in a Latin Mass and rejects changes made in the Church by Vatican II, has poured up to $30 million of his own money to produce the film, according to The Associated Press.'
I'm blown away. I know that this kind of splinter group exists but why? I think that is the exact opposite kind of Catholic I consider myself to be. I certainly don't believe in a celebration that can't be understood by any of the participants. Rejecting changes made during Vatican II? They haven't even implemented many of the changes agreed upon during Vatican II. Furthermore, this whole Anglican/Episcopalian debacle over the gay bishop has caused people to wonder whether there should be a split between the American church and the one based in Europe. I'm all for that in Catholicism too! Not that anyone would care to do so but it's time for a break from the norm.

I know I don't talk about this kind of stuff normally but my faith is very important to me. I still find value in Catholicism. It's been a bit of a let down recently to be a member of the church. Lies, cover-ups, deceipt all kinds of things that one wouldn't want themselves associated with. It's similar to the way I feel about politics though. If you let the lying liars and deceiptful deceivers run the show for long enough... that's all you will end up with. What about the politicians and church members who do want to make a difference, who believe in something more than rules and tradition? How about some forward motion rather than wishing it were like the good old days? A few suggestions for the Church:

  1. Recognize gay marriage - funny that in a time when people are bitching about divorce that we want to deny people willing to make a commitment this sacrament
  2. Lift Saint Francis of Assisi's suggestion that those who take on 'holy orders' commit to a celibate life - a priest that molests children is many magnitudes worse for the church than the distraction a married priest would bring
  3. Allow women to have equal footing in the church - a nun is not a priest, furthermore the country is populated with women who are allowed to go to seminary and are theological experts, make use of their talents
  4. No more high school seminary - You want kids at the age of 14 to make long-term choices about their sexuality? C'mon, see #2.
  5. Drop the 'Roman' Catholic moniker - I live in California. Also when I run for president people are going to ask me if the Pope controls the White House. Looks bad for both of us really.
  6. How about a young Pope from a non-European nation? - I'm thinking of a globe traveling, uniter, Howard Dean type Pope.
  7. Focus on the core - Catholics are Christians. Christians aren't all Catholics. However, almost all Christians agree on the Nicene Creed, there is probably a good reason. It's important and should serve common ground for reconciling differences between denominations. In fact, the Church should take a role in educating other churches about what we have learned in our 2000 years of existence.
  8. Stop instilling Catholic guilt - perhaps we can work with the Jewish leadership on this one. Of course now I feel guilty for having mentioned that one (see what I mean!)
A while ago, I was sitting next to Halley Suitt at the Business Blog conference in June. She asked me if I went to church, I said 'Yes' and waited expectantly to hear what would come next (it's Halley after all). She said 'I started going to church again recently, it adds something nice. It just gives you something extra, you know? ' The fact is I do know. I can't say that I can explain it but it's very personal and probably why I haven't shared nearly as much in detail before. If you are Catholic or grew up Catholic, I'm guessing that many of these things would have changed your feelings about the state of the church. Perhaps changes like I mentioned above aren't too far off.

In closing, I should mention that Allison, Drew and I are active members of a great Catholic church in the Bay Area that feeds the needs of our faith life. In fact, I am challenged by the content of the sermons on a weekly basis. I also think that the priests at this church (and many more that I know) would agree with almost every one of the suggestions I have made above. It is a progressive environment and I don't know if I would still be able to consider myself Catholic without such a wonderful place.

Calamity Jason

A few notes from yesterday:
  • I woke up to my home computer being unbootable. It was making a hardware beep error code that could mean that the video card died. This is my own fault as I tried to upgrade to better DirectX 9 drivers the night before. New mantra: 'Worse IS better.'
  • Knee popping not limited to stair-climbing. Permaclick left knee is a new feature of walking.
  • Arrived at office, made a cup of coffee and promptly clipped it on the wall making a cascade of coffee-wall art. After clean-up I had a thimble of coffee and went on my merry way.
  • Caught the MS Blaster worm on my work laptop. Much time was spent removing and patching. For the record, this is a nasty-nasty virus. I *never* get virii. Worm makers are getting more devious. If you have the virus or suspect you do, I recommend the Network Associates Stinger tool.
  • Hopped in the car to head home and notice that the gas gauge is mysteriously showing a full tank after 3 days of driving the 30-mile (one way) trek to work and back. Yep, the gas gauge is broken.
At least today is not yesterday.

Give them what they want

Wondering where you can see more of me? That puts you in an elite class with my college loan officer and my mother. Seriously folks, where can you go to find out what I *really* think? Sure, you can visit this sparsely updated blog you are enjoying(?) right now and there is a 40% chance I'll respond to your personal email but you, wonderful you, need more.

That's why I'm speaking at the Jupiter Search Engine Strategies show next Thursday in Santa Clara. I'll be on a panel speaking about 'Blogs, News Search & RSS Feeds'. I'll also be on a panel next month at Seybold 2003 in San Francisco. The subject there will be: 'PhotoBlogs and RSS: Interactive Electronic Visual Communication'. More me than most folks can handle, so let's make it fun.

If you have a question or something you would like to hear covered at either conference, add it into the comments field of this post. I will discuss Atom of course, but perhaps there is something you would like to hear about. I'm sure someone will blog the event for those of you not attending.

Symantec Duck Whistle

I must confess that naming products and projects is a favorite part of product management for me. I'm a close watcher of product names in general. I'm a fan of names that either are: 1) dead simple, 2) evocative or emotional in nature or 3) understandable. In other words product names like X10 or the PowerEdge Pro Suite don't do it for me.

The name that caught my eye today was the Symantec Decoy Server. I immediately imagined a cardboard box server decoy, perhaps like you see at a furniture store (I love those fakes 'Wow, so this will hold my 8-track player and my BetaMax unit!'). But the Symantec name gets better, it used to be called 'Symantec ManTrap'. How did that ever get approved?

I'm trying this

I hate being in a store and people ask, 'Can I help you?' so I make it really hard for them.
'I've never been in a store before. So I can just take whatever I want?'

'Well, you have to give us money.'
'What's money?'
From comedian Julius Sharpe's blog.

My warranty must be running out

Just a few weeks shy of my 30th birthday and I am beginning to fall apart. Aside from my newly aquired knee popping I won't be able to trust myself anymore. As this gentleman points out, at least we don't live in the world Logan's Run envisioned. I thought knee popping was bad.

No email?

I reduced my work inbox from over 9000 email to 0 over the past two days. It remains to be seen whether this will result in higher productivity or a higher proclivity to use the delete key.

[update]: Someone remarked to me, 'Man, I saw your post. It feels like I have a ton of email too.' I wasn't kidding. I really did have 9000 email in my inbox. I'm just using a more effecient way to respond and turn email into tasks. In other words, now your on my list!