Atom feed beta for

For those interested in what an Atom feed will look like, as produced by Blogger, look no further than my spanking new Atom feed or Evan's , Goldman's or Jenson's. More info tomorrow at the Blogger Developers Network.

Next step: Atom feeds for you!

Update: the official post on BDN

Possible side business idea (inspired by horrible commute traffic)

A driving school with a focus on 'The art of merging'. Potential name for this enterprise: InterCars.

The Bloggercam lives!

Since we moved into our new digs at the former-SGI building today I decided to put Ev's old Bloggercam back in service. Behind me you can see, Biz Stone, Eric Case, Steve D, and Graham. Expect for the usual cast of characters to make on screen cameos. Updated every 15 minutes whether you like it or not.

Creepy software

Software by and for vindictive creeps? Product details for MsnStatus 2003:
MsnStatus is a small utility for Palm. It will detect the online status of your contacts. No matter if he blocks you. This is done by exploiting the security loophole in new Msn6 protocol.
    You can find this utility very useful in the following scenarios:
  • Do you think that your friend have blocked you in his msn list ?
  • Are you fedup of finding out that your freind is online or offline in msn ?
  • Your msn is not working and you want to check whether your friend is online or offline at the moment ?
On the one hand this stalker-ware is only $10, on the other we've already hired my former arch-nemisis so I really don't need it, anymore.

I always suspected this

Church sign that reads - Moses was the first blogger.
I guess that settles it.Create your own Baptist church sign.

BlogThis! for the Google Deskbar and a few more searches

Ev pointed to a URL that you can enter into the new Google DeskBar beta from the Google Labs. However, if you want an even simpler way to add BlogThis! to the Deskbar I've created a reg file that should do the trick. In the spirit of my Cheatsheet Creator, I've created another file that will add a few more searches to your DeskBar. After installing the second file you will have searches for Amazon, eBay, IMDB, FedEx, UPS,, search by ZIP, Fidelity stock quotes and whois lookup info from BetterWhois. I would like to point out two things:

  • Though I work for Google, these are independently developed by me and thus no guarantees are made about the stability of these files.
  • Use at your own risk. These files should work on most Win 98 and newer systems but these files will edit your Windows Registry and such, should be used with caution.
For any of this to work, make sure you have the Google Deskbar installed first.
  1. To install BlogThis! for the Deskbar, download this zip file and unzip it.
  2. You should have a file called deskblog.reg. Double-clicking on them will produce a dialog that your registry will be edited.
  3. Click 'Yes' and 'Yes' again on sucessful addition.
  4. Restart your computer OR: click on the DeskBar down arrow icon and find the 'Options...' tab and select. Hit OK.
  5. Viola! BlogThis! as an option in the DeskBar should appear. Using CTRL+B should bring up the BlogThis! window as well.
  6. To add the extra searches I created, download this file and repeat steps 1 thru 5.
Let me know what you think in the comments section. Enjoy!

I'm blogging in it

I'm posting from my new Treo 600. Not that I couldn't do this with my Treo 300 but posting seems a lot easier due to a much improved (and rewritten) Blazer browser. More first impressions later...

Call me Kutch... I'm Awesome!

My Halloween get-up sans Demi.