Can you keep a secret? Ev's getting older.

It's true. Evan is one year older today making him somewhere higher in the 18 to 35 demographic. That probably means he would love a new Britney Spears album for his birthday. I'll have to check out his Amazon Wishlist. Feliz Cumpleanos buddy!

Summer hits the nail on the head

Upon taking a photo with a celebrity, Summer from The OC proclaimed to her friends:
'I'm so glad I had my cameraphone. They are totally the autograph of the 21st century!'
Totally, girlfriend.

It's never been more clear

...that I could use a little more time out of doors these days.

See you in Austin

I do in fact heart Flickr

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Wow! Way to go Stewart and team. Put all the Apple stickers you want on your Windows machine.

It's time for a Mac-over!

Screenshot of my IBM Thinkpad running a few fun applications

Since I recently began using an Apple PowerBook G4 as my main machine, I've been searching for ways to squeeze a more pleasurable experience from my PCs. It turns out there are a lot of developers who have devoted time and money into making PCs behave like they're running Mac OSX. Here are a few ways to get your PC looking sexy while you save up for that expensive Mac hardware:

  • Object Dock by Stardock - This mimicks the OSX Dockbar quite well. Other Windows programs that try and mimic the OSX fast graphics display fall down on the job, but the Object Dock does a fairly faithful reproduction. Very customizable. Plus the Docklet applications are useful and free. Price: Free for now... it's in beta. A tip, let your Windows start-bar autohide, it's just going to clutter things up. Here's a detail of my current ObjectDock set-up.
  • AppRocket by Candy Labs this is a faithful copy of the the essential, but not official, OSX helper app - LaunchBar. Price: $18 (free trial)
  • Object Desktop by Stardock - I haven't tested the full suite but some of the Desktop apps add window minimize/maximize functionality as seen in OSX. Price: $49.
  • Knock-offs of the Expose feature of OSX are plentiful. I purchased WinPlosion (formerly WinExpose) Price: $9.95. WinPlosion is a bit slow and not really worth the money. Here are a few others that mimick this feature on Windows as well: iEx Price: Free. Windows Exposer Price: $7.
  • Don't forget to pick up a copy of the platform agnostic Firefox browser and iTunes for Windows to complete the experience.
  • Stickers? I didn't go this far but Stewart Butterfield has taken to slapping an Apple logo on his Windows notebook to blend into the crowd at geeky events like ETech. Nice try, but we are onto you Stewart!
Did I miss your favorite Mac on Windows app? Let me know in the comments. Good luck!

Sick of being sick

I'm not well. I've been sick for about ten days now. I went in to work last Wednesday and Thursday and made myself worse. In fact, I woke up this morning with pink eye. Gross.

I'm not going anywhere until I'm sufficiently medicated, sedated and whatever else they'll give me. I'm sorry if you've emailed or desperately need my attention right now but I've got to rest and hope you'll understand. Besides, I've got to get better for my panel at SXSW next Sunday in Austin!

SMC cancels football program - end of an era

Via email from the President of Saint Mary's College of California - Brother Craig Franz,
After a lengthy review of our athletic programs and after receiving the recommendations of a task force formed last November, the Board of Trustees, with my support, has voted to end our participation in intercollegiate football, effective immediately.
No wonder they were hesitant to join the Great West Conference. I know it's corny, but I'll sorely miss going to cheer along with my fellow alum our galloping, losing Gaels. Sigh.