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blogger templates

Here are the files I created for the Blogger Template Contest. Of course these aren't official entries but I thought some of you might want to use these anyway. The first file is an HTML file for viewing only. The second is a text file. Your best bet is to right click on that one and save it as a text file. Then you may copy and paste it into the Blogger Template window and customize it later. I recommend playing with the background colors for interesting combinations. Just change the CSS color tags for the background in posts, footer, horizontal and the actual body background color tag. Have fun. If you really like it and want to buy me something lavish off my wishlist, I won't complain. To get better archive functionality (as seen below) visit Phil Ringnalda's site.

Template Contest - html (in Green)
Template Contest - txt [update: just fixed this link 9.17.01]

Here's a sample of the same template with a few tweaks to the CSS:
Template Contest - html - steel

The template validates as HTML 4.01 using the W3C Validator. Valid HTML 4.01!

One more quick note: This template keeps crashing Netscape 4.08 (Yes I still have a copy). All other browsers love this HTML but not my copy of 4.08. Please let me know if this is just my copy acting flaky or if you have trouble viewing this template as well. Thanks!

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