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Monday, July 31, 2000

Why My Weekend Pretty much Sucked
I got a speeding ticket driving home from work at Southwest Airlines one night in January. I hadn't had a ticket in about 5 years so I went to traffic school on Saturday. I didn't get to bed on Friday night until around 3:00 AM so I overslept a little and was running rather late. All of the traffic school literature said that if you arrive after 8:00 AM they won't let you in and you're hosed. So I thought to myself, "That would suck if I got a ticket on my way to traffic school." As it turns out, it did indeed suck when I got a ticket on my way to traffic school. I think in the deep recesses of my brain I was convinced that some mysterious force of odds would protect me from citation as long as I was driving to traffic school. I was very wrong. The Highway Patrolman was very kind and even saw the humor of my situation. He bumped my speed down to lessen the fine and didn't impound my car despite my expired license.
To further worsen the situation, the swell that I had been waiting for arrived in full force while I was in traffic school. When I got home that evening I thought that a ride on my "new" Sycip mountain bike would have positive effects on my mood. It was going pretty well until I pulled into my driveway and my left crankarm fell off the bike.
I stayed home on Sunday.

Thursday, July 27, 2000

I can think of lots of better stuff to do than work

I have a pretty sweet job, my boss one of the funniest guys I know, my company takes care of me, all my co-workers are cool, no one's looking over my shoulder or breathing down my neck, yet I spend most of my day thinking about where I'd rather be or what I'd rather be doing. If I didn't have to work I'd probably sleep 'till noon and watch TV until 5:00 anyway. What's wrong with me? One day I'll get a job where I actually have to slave away all day and I'll think about how good I had it back in the day. My whole life's gone that way so far. In college I realized how easy high school was, once I started working I realized how good I had it in college, etc. I think I'm going to try to enjoy stuff more as it is happening and appreciate the present more since it goes away so fast.
Ok that was a little cornball. I'm going surfing now.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Look ma, I'm on the Internet

Yep, it's a bunny suit, is that a problem? Do you want a piece of me? I'll hop up on your ass. Don't mess with a bunny holding a beer... That's what I thought.
Well, the entire world has finally gotten what it's always wanted, a chance to peer into my life. I know, I can barely contain myself too. Try not too pee yourself.
Last night I rolled over the hill in a feeble attempt to go surfing. I was supposed to meet Phil and Ross over there, but Phil called just as I was leaving and said that the generator light on his bus was on, and that they were turning around. Surfline indicated that there was a small pulse of south swell, so i figured i'd hit it solo. Denied! It was flatter than a twelve year old boy out there. What a waste of gas. That's the third time in a row that I've been skunked. It's been a pretty dismal summer thus far. I really wanted to get a surf in, and prepare for the largest swell so far this summer, which is supposed to start filling in today. We'll see, I'm going to head out there tomorrow and check it again, I'll keep you posted. I know, you're holding your breath.