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Wednesday, October 25, 2000

I Guess a Month and a Half Is a Little Long to Wait Between Posts
Ok, my fans have been writing me e-mails saying things like, "Taylor, you haven't updated your site in a long time. What's the matter?" and, "Gee, I really miss reading your silly anecdotes and witty comments." and the occasional "The other inmates and I are going to start killing guards if you don't post nude photos of yourself soon." So, in order to prevent another tragedy, I am returning to my site. Unfortunately, nothing very funny has happened lately, with the exception of the telephone call I received yesterday morning that went like this.
(ring, ring)
Me- "Good morning, this is Taylor."
Dude on phone- "Hi, this is Dick Johnson with Swinerton & Walberg Construction."
Me- (long pause trying to figure out which one of my brothers was messing with me, but then realizing that they probably would have used an imaginary construction company instead of a real one) "Uh.... hi, Dick." (stifled laughter)
Dude on phone- "Yeah, I need a blah blah blah......"
Me-(thinking) "Did this dude's parents hate him or what?"

So that's pretty much it for the funny anecdotes for now. I'll try to generate some more for future posts.