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Thursday, June 21, 2001

Fatherís Day or
Taylor Gets a New Holiday

I used to view Fatherís Day as another opportunity to wander around the mall looking for some lame gift for my Dad, but it appears that I have finally passed the torch. Thatís not to say that I donít have to get my Dad a present anymore, or even that 3 month old Jack is old enough to wander the malls of this great nation (or wander at all really). But it was a nice little addition to my list of days that people are required to give me things. I took Jack for his very first swim in the morning, (he seemed to dig it) and later that day we met my family at the beach. Jack seemed to enjoy his first true beach experience. I made sure that he got a little salt water on his skin and some sand between his toes. Iím hoping that it seeps into his bloodstream like it did with me. Anyway, Jack crapped up the back of his diaper in appreciation so I think that we can safely say that he is a fan the beach, (that's sort of his only trick right now so I'll just have to assume that it's an act of appreciation). On a sort of related note, I went surfing on Tuesday night with my friends Ross and Erin and my brother Jason. When we got out of the water my sister -in-law (but even if it wasnít in-law Iíd still want her as a sister) Allison commented to me, ďItís really easy to tell which one is you out there, where you stand up you look like a cute little monkey.Ē What?! I look like a cute little monkey when I surf? Donít get me wrong, I am a big fan of the monkey. I would even say that the monkey is my favorite animal, I might agree that I slightly resemble one. But not when Iím surfing for the love of god! I want to hear, ďTaylor, it was really easy to pick you out among the group of surfers because you so clearly dominate. Your style transcends all that is cool, you remind me of a cross between Kelly Slater and the Greek god Poseidon. You rip.Ē But no, I look like a cute little monkey. Could this be why Iím not sponsored?