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Thursday, November 01, 2001

Jack's 1st Halloween
After months of deep thought Theresa and I finally decided on a Halloween costume for baby Jack. We bought a Dumbo costume from the Disney Store about 6 weeks ago thinking that he would grow into it since he was gaining weight at a rate of about 15 pounds per minute. But as the holiday approached, Jack's weight gain slowed down and the costume seemed just a tad large. Then on Sunday morning Peggy called to inform us that the costume that we originally wanted had gone down to half price at Baby Gap. Pictures of the resulting cuteness can be seen here. Pardon the first couple, they're a little blurry. The last picture is of a creation that Jason made in preschool, (let me know if you want to order a t-shirt with Jason's pumpkin sculpture on it, we're going to be releasing a limited batch of 15 million shirts so get those orders in early).