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For a bio information about Jason Shellen, check here. Below is information about the Shellen family.

Pendil Shellen, father of Jay, grandfather to Jason, Taylor and Grant... click for larger This is the site where all Shellen related merchandise can be purchased. It is the main corporate site for the Shellen themed restaurants you have seen spanning across the country. Call or write us about Shellen studios, and which feature films you would like to see us produce next. It is you the fan that really matters to us at shellen.com. But above all, humor is the reason for shellen.com to exist. You see in reality the Shellens are a kooky breed and need to vent on occasion or we will blow up á la Old Faithful.

Of course, I speak only for the Left Coast Shellens of which there are only 7 (soon to be 8). This does not include the actor Stephen Shellen (the guy who was in "A River Runs Through It") because to the best of my knowledge he is not really family* [see below]. He does occasionly frequent this site (ok, that is a bit iffy but it would be cool it it were true).

Emil Shellen and family in Wells, MN ... click for larger In fact, the Shellens I am speaking of were derived from the Shellens of Wells, Minnesota who scattered to Indiana and a bunch of them now live in Michigan and now California as well. If you are a Shellen we would love to hear from you and would be happy to link to you somewhere on the site. In fact, more Shellen family history is stored on shellen.org. You can request access to the password protected family history info there.

update 1

* Here is an email I received regarding Stephen Shellen from a relative of his...

From: John Shellenberg
Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2000
Subject: Stephen Shellen

Stephen Shellen was born Stephen Schellenberg. His father was John Schellenberg. John was a soldier fighting for Canada in WWII, and came home from the war to a strong anti-German sentiment. He changed his name to Shellen in an effort to Canadianize it.

Stephen and Jan were his children, Joyce his wife. John died at only 50 in the early 1970's. Stephen started his career young, modelling. He became an actor, and moved to the U.S. I have seen him on all sorts of American and Canadian productions. He had a starring role on CounterStrike.

Stephen's dad John Schellenberg was the oldest brother of five boys born to Martin and Eva Schellenberg in Swift Current, Sask. The boys were John,Martin, Leonard, Ronald and Dennis. Dennis was born in November 1939. John was getting ready to ship out, and had been drinking for days. (He was 19 years older than Dennis) Martin and Eva took their newest baby boy home, and got John to fill out the birth information. He was still drunk, and misspelled his new brother's last name. Schellenberg became Shellenberg.

Dennis Shellenberg is my father. He grew up with a different last name, but never changed it back. I am the only child of Dennis and Mildred, and was named after Stephen's dad John. John's grandfather was also John Schellenberg. As I was born in 1965, and my uncle's were all dead by 1971, I never knew them. Stephen's mom, Joyce, lived on Vancouver Island, and I never knew Stephen. I occasionally use the Net to see if he's got a site or e-mail address.

Stephen's latest cousin, Catrina Shellenberg, is my daughter.

If you run into Stephen, tell him I called...

John Shellenberg
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

update 2

From: Cathy R. Atkinson
Sent: Wednesday, February 08, 2001
Subject: Saw your site...

If you want to give us a link, that'd be cool. :-)

Stephen isn't online in the receiving-email sense of the word but he does have an official site now. He's currently featured on the USA networks show La Femme Nikita.

Best wishes,

Cathy R. Atkinson
Stephen Shellen Online

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