Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Moving (sort of)

At some point soon, I'll likely be moving this blog. The URL will remain the same, or it will at least redirect to whatever this site becomes. After almost 10 years using Blogger, the Blogger team has sadly but understandably decided to stop supporting FTP hosting of Blogger-powered blogs. If you don't know what this means, don't worry – Mommy and Daddy still love you and it's not because of anything bad you did.

What WILL happen is that the feed URL for this site will change. I have no idea if it's possible to update subscribers of my new feed once I've switched blog hosts, so I'll probably post it on my Twitter account. You should follow me there (which you should do anyway): @gshellen.

Blogger, thanks for all the fun. There's a slim chance whatever solution I come up with will involve still using Blogger and a custom domain or something like that (here, have a snack and go play Wii, honey), but in case it doesn't, it's been real.


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